About us

We are a specialized wooden toy and wall art factory, with quite 10 years of professional manufacturing experience.

chiseng  canvas manufacturer wall art factory

The main wall art products:

Wooden toys series, picture frame, wood framed art, shadow box, box frame, wood signs, open frame art, CNC cutting, canvas art, slat board, lath wall decor, decorated plaque art.

At wooden toy and wall art factory, we’re experts at affordable prices that will exceed your expectations.

You could send your wall art designs and toy customized request, so we could proceed with quoting & sampling.  We are trying to find importers who have experience in designing and developing end customers and who intend to search for a specialized manufacturer in China. We kindly offer small quantity order to run for supporting our valued customer if necessary.

Contact us

Company Name:Chiseng Frame & Art Co., Ltd.
Email: ChisengArt@outlook.com
Mobile Phone: +8615267137006
Wechat: +8615267137006